After School Programs to Develop the Full Potential of Students

At Sherman School of Excellence it is our mission and goal to educate the whole child socially, emotionally and academically.  We work to ensure that we bring out the gifts and talents in every student to help them reach their full potential.  We engage our students in a variety of programs and activities to develop them.  Every student at Sherman SOE has an opportunity to participate in a variety of classes and projects before, during and after school. Primary Intervention Program to promote early literacy

   - After School Enrichment for Reading, Writing, Science and Math 1st-8th Grade

      School-Wide Programs and Models

  • Community School 
  • Early Childhood Program 
  • Kindergarten  

       Health and Wellness

    • Crisis Intervention Services 
    • Health Curriculum Utilized 
    • Nutrition Program 
    • Physical Education 
    • Recess Daily 
    • School-based Dental Services 

    Life and Leadership

    • Boys/Girls Scouts 
    • Service Learning/Community Volunteer Program 

    Parent and Community

    • 8-9th Grade Transition Workshops 
    • Art Workshops 
    • Conflict Resolution 
    • Family Counseling/Support Group 
    • Family Nights 
    • Field Trip 
    • Gang Awareness Workshop 
    • Health and Wellness Workshops/Programs 
    • Literacy Workshops 
    • Math/Science Workshops 
    • Meeting Space For Parent Groups 
    • Parent Patrol 
    • Peace Circles 
    • Supporting your Student Workshops/Programs 

    Sports and Fitness

    • 16” Softball 
    • Baseball 
    • Basketball 
    • Boys’ Baseball 
    • Boys’ Basketball 
    • Boys’ Soccer 
    • Boys’ Softball 
    • Boys’ Track 
    • Boys’ Volleyball 
    • Cheerleading 
    • Football 
    • Girls on the Run 
    • Girls’ Baseball 
    • Girls’ Basketball 
    • Girls’ Soccer 
    • Girls’ Softball 
    • Girls’ Tennis 
    • Girls’ Volleyball 
    • Jump Rope 
    • Pom-Pon 
    • Soccer 
    • Softball 
    • Tennis 
    • Touch Football 
    • Volleyball 
    • Wrestling 
Pre K-8

Sherman School of Excellence

1000 W. 52nd St.
Chicago , IL 60609

Enrollment: 262
Level 2+ school (Good Standing)
A CPS Neighborhood School



Athletics Program

 The mission of our athletic program is to offer student-athletes, through participation in competitive athletics, an opportunity to experience meaningful growth, accomplishment, and success. As a Sherman student-athlete you are a positive role model within our school and the community at large. As a student-athlete at our school, your sportsmanship goals should include.

  • Maintaining at least a C+ in all classes, attend school daily, and exhibit positive behavior;
  • Respecting the rules of the games, the officials who administer the rules, and their decisions;
  • Respecting our opponents as fellow student-athletes,
  • Refraining from engaging in all types of disrespectful behavior
  • Looking at athletic participation as a potentially beneficial learning experience, whether you win or lose;
  • Educating other students and fans to understand the rules of the game, and the value of sportsmanship.

      Athletic Programs

  •   Basketball (Boys and Girls)

  •   Baseball 

  •   Black Hawks Partnership (Indoor Hockey)

  •   Chicago Fire P.L.A.Y.S

  •  Cross Country Track (Boys and Girls)

  •  Flag Football Intramural Sports 

  •  Golf (Boys and Girls)

  •  Softball (Girls)

  •  Track and Field

  •  Volleyball


Extracurricular Partnerships

Our extracurricular programs are designed to provide opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond regular school hours.  Extracurricular programs provide opportunities for our students to become well rounded individuals to broaden their horizons in the world in which we live.  

  • A-Team Sponsored by The James Jordan Foundation
  • Choir
  • Girls Scouts
  • Joffrey Ballet Dance Program
  • Office of Social Emotional Learning: Peace Circles & Restorative Group Conferences
  • University of Chicago Science Club
  • University of Illinois S.T.E.M Program
  • Urban Gateways Musical Partnership